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Emanuela Student

I really appreciate this company and have delevoped my skills and ability in subjects that I have really struggled with, I am so grateful to be able to learn from them. I have been able to achieve so much inculuding bettering my grades and I am so grateful for my tutors. I highly recommend them as you can not only better your school life and grades, but also have good conversations on your future plans of which they may have some advice to assist you. Overall, tuturing with AquonTutors is a decision I do not regret one bit and hope those out there choose too.

Melody  Student

Hi I’m Melody , when I started tutoring I was predicted 6,5 in my science and in my mock exam I kept getting 5s which was no where near what I wanted. When I started tutoring lesson they helped me a lot as I achieved my target

Milanya Student

AT tutors has allowed me improve in Science immensely, bringing up my grades and enhancing my understanding of GCSE Science. I highly recommend it if you’re trying to improve your grades.

Sally A-Level Student

I was really struggling during my GCSE’s, consistently getting U’s knowing I wouldn’t be able to do the a levels I want to do; however, with the help of Elias, one of the tutors, I was managed to get go from U’s to grade 6’s and above in the space in a short space of time. I found it really helpful enjoyed to be honest!


Who We Are

At Aqon Tutoring, we aim to match every student with experienced and professional tutors that will ignite their passion for learning. With our personalized touch, we’re able to channel the most effective learning techniques to challenge, motivate, and support our students. Join us!

Our tutors will work with you to personalize a unique curriculum that will match your learning habits and help you reach your academic goals. We cover a wide range of core subjects for students to choose from. During these difficult times, we understand that you may be close to giving up with everything against you. We aim to provide the right support and information for you to succeed at affordable pricing.


Subjects we offer







Science(combine & triple)

Computer Science



Monthly & Weekly Lessons


1 lesson only

£120 / Per Month

1 lessons a week

£220 / Per Month

2 lessons a week

£320 / Per Month

3 lessons a week

Comes with a free trial lesson, a 24/7 direct contact with the best tutors, mentoring and a “how to revise” session.


One Time & Monthly Lessons


1 time lesson only

one lesson & one time only

£50 / Per Month

3 lessons a week

1 English, 1 maths, 1 science

Comes with a free trial lesson, a 24/7 direct contact with the best tutors, mentoring and a “how to revise” session.